Ramon Llull writing. Breviculum, IV. Thomas le Myésier, 1325. http://lullianarts.net/

He is known as the first universal writer in the Catalan language and the creator of the literary Catalan; however he understands literature in Catalan not as a purpose but as a way to reach to a lay and urban public that does not know Latin. So writing in their language, he opens it for the first time to all the possibilities of scientific thinking and philosophical and theological speculation.

His Catalan has a Provençal accent, probably inherited from his early love poems written in that language. Llull is an outstanding essayist and novelist and as a poet, he uses troubadour lyrical techniques for divulgative purposes. When he writes he not only uses letters but also symbols, tables, geometric figures and diverse illustrations; he is somehow the graphic designer of his books. He created several neologisms. He was extraordinarily prolific: it is claimed he wrote 265 books that he wrote in Catalan, Latin and Arabic.


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«He who do not have himself is very poor»

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Ramon Llull was seen as a precursor of the combinatorial thinking, basic in modern computing.

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