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«Catalan Atlas» (1375), by Abraham y Jafudà Cresques. Fragment. Third and forth page. Map of the known world in the 14th century. First representation of the compass rose. Reproduction of the original in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. Miniature. Madrid. Naval Museum. J. Bedmar/Iberfoto. Photoaisa.

The Majorca of the 13th century, recently conquered by the Catalans and integrated by diverse cultures, was the paradigm of a convulsed and dynamic Mediterranean. The new Christian culture, Hispanic and Carolingian, coexists with the remains of the Islam recently defeated and the persistence of the powerful Hebrew group.

Ramon Llull was born in a melting pot of cultures. While he wanted to make known, he knew. And knowing, he became imbued with different thoughts to his own until becoming one of the most universal and powerful intellectuals of the Late Middle Ages in Europe. Throughout his life he worked to construct a synthesis original and personal and at the same time typical of his time and geography.

It is fundamental to know the historic context of that era to situate and understand the figure of Ramon Llull and the reach of his works.


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«Do not live off others and you will live free»

Messages about Ramon Llull

Ramon Llull left his family and mundane life in 1262 to devote himself with body and soul to the conversion of the “infidels”.

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