Ramon Llull sails to Tunis. Breviculum, IX. Thomas le Myésier, 1325.

He travelled to numerous places on the Mediterranean, in a time when, in spite of the crusades and violent conquests, the commercial and cultural exchange between the two shores remained very active. He visited cities in the today territories of Spain, France, Italy, Tunisia, Turkey, Algeria, Cyprus and probably Israel. The quantity of his travels is surprising, considering the means of transport of that time.

His trips had basically three objectives: to get from kings and popes the funds and means for his missionary task, spreading his “Ars” or philosophic and theological method and finally convince the “infidels” of their mistakes. He always identified himself as a “Catalan from Mallorca”.


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«He who do not have himself is very poor»

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Ramon Llull had an extraordinary vitality: he lived over eighty years and wrote more than 250 books.

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