Ramon Llull praying on the mountain of Randa (Mallorca). Breviculum, I. Thomas le Myésier, 1325.

This is one of the most relevant and known aspects of Ramon Llull. Theologian, missionary, mystic (he is considered the father of the Iberian mystic tradition), hermit, moralist, preacher, converted and active Christian and yet secular (not a priest). From a vision typical of Franciscan reformist, his preaching determination, emerging from a trance of divine illumination, was sincere and upright.

He was the precursor of ecumenism, the peaceful coexistence among religions, and he suggested reason, understood as universal and common to the humankind, as a method to convince others of the goodness of their own faith. In his books he synthesizes a Christian speech with Muslim elements (such as Al-Ghazali’s application of logic) and Hebrews (such as the use of letters for the representation of ideas, typical of the Kabala). For the Christianism of that era, his thinking, always free and independent, collects elements from the Dominican (rational tendencies) and the Franciscan (spirituality) schools.


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«The gluttonous man, when not eating cries and when he has eaten he has regrets»

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Ramon Llull travelled to major cities of the Mediterranean and there he met with popes and kings of the time.

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