Puig de Randa (Algaida)


Ramon Llull, at thirty retires to the Puig the Randa, where he lives as a hermit in a cave. There he dedicates himself to meditation and the illumination occurs. According to tradition, in Randa decides to write the Ars, his big opus, where he will expound an ambitious philosophical system at universal reach intended to find the truth. After writing his first book in the Monastery of La Real (Palma) he returns to Randa to thank God. There is a popular legend in Majorca relating his stay in Randa: the existence of the “written shrub”, a mastic tree (Pistacia Lentiscus) whose leaves are filled with lines and dots that, in a sort of eastern code, capture the words that God dictated to the illuminated master.


The Puig de Randa is situated on the southern part of the Pla de Majorca, in the municipality of Algaida, bordering Lluchmajor’s. It is 543 meters above sea level. The panoramic view over the island is stunning in all directions. On the top of that mountain of smooth profile visible from a good part of Majorca, is the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Cura, which was renowned in the 16th century, fell into decline in the 19th century and was restored, at the beginning of the 20th century by Bishop Pere Joan Campins. The Franciscan tertiary regular friars were in charge in 1913 and install there the novitiate of Majorca. At present there is still a small community of monks; there is a bar, a restaurant and a hostel for pilgrims and visitors. On the southeast face of that “sacred mountain”, of great hermit tradition, there are two more Sanctuaries: Sant Honorat (founded in 1394) and Gracia (founded in 1497).


ANEI (Natural area of special interest).

Sanctuary of Cura, Puig de Randa (Algaida, Mallorca). IRU, SL.Sanctuary of Cura, Puig de Randa (Algaida, Mallorca). IRU, SL.Sanctuary of Cura, Puig de Randa (Algaida, Mallorca). IRU, SL.Statue of Ramon Llull in the Sanctuary of Cura, Puig de Randa (Algaida, Mallorca). IRU, SL.

Ramon Llull quotations

«Flee first from the bad prince than from the snake»

Messages about Ramon Llull

Ramon Llull spoke Catalan, Occitan, French, Arabic and Latin and promoted the learning of languages.

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