Placid youth

Recreation of the city of Mallorca during the conquest of Jaime I in 1229. Detail. Altarpiece of Saint George (1468), by Pere Niçard. Gothic art. Tempera on panel. Palma de Mallorca. Diocesan Museum. P. Rotger/Iberfoto. Photoaisa.

Ramon Llull was born in Palma in 1232 or 1233, soon after the Catalan-Aragonese conquest of the island by King Jaime I (1229). Son of a wealthy family of colonists from Barcelona, very tall, he stood out for his intellectual capacity from a young age and he became the tutor of Infante Jaime, the future King Jaume II of Majorca. Until the age of thirty, he led a placid life, he wrote troubadour like love poems, he married Blanca Picany in 1257 and they had two children, Magdalena and Domenec. He had many lover affairs.


Ramon Llull quotations

«He who has a lot of friends has great wealth»

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Ramon Llull went on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in 1265, aged thirty three.

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