Monastery of Miramar (Valldemossa)


In 1276, under the patronage of King Jaime II he founded a missionary school at the Monastery of Miramar, in Valldemossa, which before was under the  domain of the Monastery of La Real. That same year he receives papal confirmation for the school from John XXI (the Lisbon born Pedro Hispano known for his philosophical and scientific writings). Thirteen Franciscan friars minor settled there and devote themselves to learn Arabic and the lullian Art, the universal method that makes possible conversion through reason. Llull resides at Miramar for three or four years until 1279. In 1295, the monastery was abandoned and Llull bemoaned of it in “Desconhort”.

The monastery then passes again under the domain of La Real and other religious orders and in the 15th century, three lullists settle there and set up a printing press that in 1485 published the first printed book in Mallorca. In 1872 the Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria bought the property, restored the oratory (1877) and raised several monuments to the memory of Ramon Llull.


Miramar is a peculiar place on the sea slope of the Serra de Tramuntana. It is oriented to the northwest, and situated in the municipality of Valldemossa on the way to Deya, between the properties of S’Estaca and Son Marroig. It is a place of breathtakingg beauty, greek and wild at the same time, where the verticality of the relief offers a balcony on a Mediterranean sea that flames at sunset.


Natural Site of the Serra de Tramuntana.


Ramon Llull quotations

«The arrogant man does not know himself or others»

Messages about Ramon Llull

Ramon Llull went on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in 1265, aged thirty three.

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