Last will and death

Ramon Llull is stoned and imprisoned in Bejaia (Algeria). Breviculum, X. Thomas le Myésier, 1325.

He made his will in Majorca on the 26th of April 1313, in which he safeguards the future of his books; some of them had to be done in three collections, one to keep in Majorca, one in Paris and a third one in Genoa. It seems that his inheritors and executors ignored that provision in his will.

He died at 83 or 84, in 1316 on his way back from Tunisia, where he went to debate with Muslims. According to legend, the death occurs on the ship back to Majorca on the Island’s coastline, and as a consequence of the wounds received from a stoning in the African city. His tomb is in the Basilica of Sant Francesc in Palma.


Ramon Llull quotations

«Because what you know is not as much as what you do not know, do not talk too much»

Messages about Ramon Llull

Ramon Llull was seen as a precursor of the combinatorial thinking, basic in modern computing.

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