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Ramon Llull addresses the Christian kings to seek their support. Breviculum, VIII. Thomas Le Myésier, 1325. http://lullianarts.net/

In 1275 he is called to Montpellier by Prince Jaime. The following year, with the  patronage of the already King Jaume II, attends to the founding of the much desired missionary school in the Monastery of Miramar in Valldemossa (north-west coast of Majorca); it was a school integrated by thirteen Franciscan friars dedicated to the learning of Arabic and the “Lulian” Art. He had a long stay in the Cistercian Monastery of La Real (Palma), where he completes his education and writes a few books.

In his works, Llull uses not only Latin, but also Catalan and Arabic, with the wish to be read by a large majority of laypeople and not only in the universities, churches and convents.


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«Flee first from the bad prince than from the snake»

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Ramon Llull left his family and mundane life in 1262 to devote himself with body and soul to the conversion of the “infidels”.

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