Basílica of Sant Francesc


In a chapel at the head of the basilica, we can see the sepulchre of Ramon Llull. According to Gaston Vuiller, the body of Llull is there because the Franciscan friars claimed it for their convent because of his link with the Order; the first intention was to bury him in Santa Eulalia Church where the remains of his parents and relatives rest.


The Franciscan friars built this convent in 1281. In the 19th century it was used as prison, army quarters and High Court. In 1906 the Third Order Regular Franciscans settled there. The conventual church is gothic (1281-1384) and is one of the most important ones in Palma. The cloister of the convent is also gothic (14th and 15th century) and of great beauty. The façade of the church is from the 17th century (1618-1700) and is an impressive portal that represents the culmination of baroque in Majorca.

Ramon Llull’s sepulchre, worked in alabaster, is the work of Francesc Sagrera who sculpted it in 1487. The sarcophagus represents a lying statue of the blessed with two angels. At the bottom there are seven empty spaces, between columns, which were intended to house allegorical figures of the seven lullian Arts.


Historic and artistic monument.


Ramon Llull quotations

«Because what you know is not as much as what you do not know, do not talk too much»

Messages about Ramon Llull

Ramon Llull has been considered by some an alchemist, a medieval science that he never practiced.

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