Ramon Llull

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The web environment RAMON LLULL ROUTES of the Ministry of Culture, introduces you to the life and work of this great Mallorcan wise man from the High/Late Middle Ages. Ramon Llull (Raimundo Lulio) was a daring thinker, a fervent mystic and a precursor in diverse fields of knowledge. This prolific writer (it is believed he wrote 265 books) travelled tirelessly throughout Europe, North of Africa and Asia.

Following his footsteps, we help you to plan your own journey. You will discover an amazing character, a true pioneer of his time. 

Ramon Llull before the Apostle St. James. Breviculum, I. Thomas le Myésier, 1325.

Ramon Llull and the way of St. James

In 1265, Ramon Llull went on a pilgrimage from Mallorca to Santiago de Compostela. It is not known whether he followed the Catalan way from Barcelona or the French route from the Monastery of Rocamadour (near Bordeaux) where he stayed that same year. Later he travelled to Barcelona before finally returning to Mallorca. It was during that trip when he decided to radically change his life.

Ramon Llull discussing his books with Thomas le Myésier. Breviculum, XI. Thomas Le Myésier, 1325.

Ramon Llull, precursor

Ramon Llull is regarded today, not only as the great theologian, philosopher, scientist and writer that he was, but also as one of the precursors of the pro-European and universalistic wish that promotes reason and dialogue as the only channel to achieve truth and peace. He learned Arabic, language that he used to write some of his works, and he founded in Mallorca a languages school, being aware of the linguistic and cultural diversity of his environment.